For any parent, getting one of your kids into the ranks of professional sports has to be considered an amazing accomplishment. The amount of time, energy and luck involved makes the odds against it happening astronomically high. For more than one kid to make it defies pretty much all logic.
For some families, though, simply “making it” isn’t enough. They not only have to make it to the show but they also have to set all kinds of records once they do. If there’s a clearer, more pronounced way of demonstrating one’s outright superiority, we’d love to see it.

Throughout sports history, there have been many sets of brothers who have proven to come from simply a better gene pool than most of us mortals. It can be in any sport, in any era; some families are just built to create dynasties. Such as the Matthews family, the Manningsthe Espositos, the Alous, and, of course, the Harbaughs. To commemorate the first siblings to coach against each other in a Super Bowl, we present the 25 Greatest Brothers in Sports History.