For the first time in his entire 15-year career, Redskins linebacker London Fletcher returned to his hometown of Cleveland to play in a game against the Browns yesterday. And, as you'd expect, he had tons of people in the stands to support him. He reserved more than 40 tickets for his friends and family, who came out to watch the 'Skins win 38-21. But, things didn't go exactly as planned for everyone who showed up at Cleveland Browns Stadium to see him. As you'll see and hear in the video above, several members of his entourage were allegedly assaulted by Browns fans, stadium security, and police who were called to come and help break up a fight that took place towards the end of the game.

"While the game was going on, first the fans were picking at us and we were getting things thrown on us," said one family member. "One of my nephews got punched in the face."

It only got worse from there. As a result of the fight, two of Fletcher's cousins and one of his nephews were arrested. And, one of his aunts had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for a neck injury.

Watch the video above to hear about some of the other things that took place during the game. Sounds like it a real shit show.

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