Have you ever dreamed about playing football against a former NFL player? Then today is your lucky day!

Right now, Tiki Barber is offering to play flag football, basketball, or even kickball with one lucky fan for the low, low price of $1950 through his new company Thuzio (the same one we told you about last month). Not into flag football, basketball, or kickball? No problem! He'll also play checkers, Monopoly, Call of Duty, UNO, or Words With Friends with you for the low, low price of $1950. Not into any of those things, either? Well, then just think of something—aaaaaaanything at all really!—that you'd like to play against Tiki Barber and he'll do it…for the low, low price of $1950.

In case if you haven't gotten the point by now, Tiki Barber needs $1950 for something and he's willing to play you in just about anything you want in exchange for it. So, dust off those pogs you've got stored up in the attic and give him a call! Oh, and make sure you film it for us. Label it "Tiki Barber is one desperate SOB" and post it on YouTube. We'll be on the lookout for it soon.

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[via The Big Lead]