Last year, Tiki Barber was going through some tough times. He was going through a bitter split from  his ex-wife and lost his morning talk show gig. He also tried to make an NFL comeback to help with depression and to make some money. These days he's making appearances to pay the bills. You can have lunch or dinner with the former New York Giants star (up to 2hrs) for $500. If that's not enough for ya, you can have the "football great" appear at your next Bar Mitvah for a stack. No? How about a round of golf for the same price? But wait, there's more. Tiki can also teach you how not to fumble for another 500 bucks. Make your dreams come true by checking out and have greats like John Wallace and Steve Sax at your next wedding or some shit.

Barber has been most hated since he retired. He's better off taking up a collection plate.

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[via Barstool Sports]