Date: 11/11/2012
Game: Clint Bowyer vs. Jeff Gordon
Location: Phoenix International Raceway (Avondale, AZ)

Nothing like NASCAR to get the blood pumping. A NASCAR brawl, that is. You got to love how it's never driver vs. driver either, it's full-on pit crew action. A mesh of colors and sponsors coming together like the good Lord intended is how we see it. In a recent race in Phoenix, Clint Bowyer took exception to being put into the wall by Jeff Gordon late in the race. He proceeds to hop out of his now trashed ride and run in search of Gordon. Lucky for us there's a camera right on Bowyer to document his frantic search. There should probably be some signs or directions, so he can find him quicker. Gordon and Bowyer never really exchange blows but it does bring the race to a standstill. For some real fireworks check out Brad Keselowski's thoughts on the whole thing