Sport: Tennis
Years Active: 1951-1954
Career Stats: 9 Grand Slams
Injuries: broken leg and deeply gashed muscles and tendons

Maureen Connoly was unstoppable on the tennis court for three short years. From 1951-1954, Connoly was synonymous with the sport as she dominated every tournament she played in during that span. After winning her first major tournament, the U.S Open in 1951, the Ws started to pour in for Connoly. She took Wimbledon the following year and demolished the competition at the start of 1953. The following year, not only did she successfully defend her Wimbledon crown, but she also won the U.S Open for a second time, the Australian Open, and the French Open. Sadly, the 19-year old's tennis career was ended in 1954 as she was in a horseback riding accident where her right leg was crushed.