Sport: Basketball
Years Active: 1992-2001
Career Stats: 16.2 PPG 7.5 RPG 3.3 APG
Injury: Herniated disc in back

Coming out of UNLV, Larry Johnson was a freak of nature. The 6'6", 250 lbs. power forward could jump out of the gym and couldn't be stopped on the lower block. He was quicker than the other fours, was stronger than everyone, rebounded like a man possessed and could hit the 3. When the Charlotte Hornets drafted Alonzo Mourning the year after LJ's arrival, everyone figured a championship was only a matter of time. The duo never got along and then Grandmama sprained his back in '93 and was never the same. He was still a viable NBA player during the second half of his career with the Knicks, but no where near the 20 and 10 guy from the early '90s.