When: 2011-Present

Losing is one thing most high draft picks have to deal with when they get to their prospective leagues. Cam found that out really fast during his rookie campaign when after he was putting up incredible numbers for a rookie, his team was still consistently catching Ls (Carolina went 6-10 in 2011).

During losses cameras have often caught Newton with a towel over his head sulking on the sidelines. If he's ever going to be the leader that a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning is, he's gonna have to learn how to inspire his team and maintain his good-natured winning attitude that can be echoed through his teammates. Sitting on the sidelines pouting not only hurts the squad, but it makes you look like a bitch to the world for being such a bad loser. There's nothing wrong with liking winning, but he'll have some more Steve Smith tongue lashing's if he doesn't learn how to deal with bad games better.