Prior to his NFL debut last week, Robert Griffin III did something that made plenty of waves at the league office when he covered up the Nike logo on his warmup shirt. Their reaction? "It won't happen again," a league spokesman said.

But, as it turns out, it did happen again yesterday before RG3's second game in St. Louis against the Rams. Before the game, the rookie QB took the field to warm up—and he did so without the Swoosh. He didn't cover it up with a Sharpie like he did last week, though. Instead, he simply wore a gray T-shirt over his Nike warm-up shirt so that he wasn't captured rocking the Nike logo.

We applaud your loyalty to adidas, RG3. But, you do realize that you wear Nike gear during games that are on TV, right? So, it might be time to give up this fight. Especially now that the league is probably going to fine you for refusing to wear the Swoosh again.

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[via Washington Times]