It might be "Light's Out" for Shawne Merriman's career. The Buffalo Bills have released the former star linebacker a season after signing him to a 2-yr/$10.5 million deal. The 28-year old was once the premier defensive player in the game, but hasn't been the same since his monster 2006 season. That year, he was suspended for the first four games after testing positive for steroids and was still able to lead the NFL in sacks with 17. He had another good year in 2007 with 12.5 sacks, but has battled with injuries and off the field issues since then.

Merriman has $3 million owed to him for the 2012 season, so the Bills are paying him to go away. That doesn't bode well for Shawne's stock as teams will think twice before picking him up.

Do you think he's washed up?

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[via NFL]

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