NBA free agency is underway and a lot has happened the last week or so. The Lakers pulled a fast one and snatched Steve Nash right from under the Knicks' noses, proving that they always get what they want (unless the L owns their trading partner, of course). Jason Kidd dissed the Mavs for the Knicks to be Mark Brunell to Jeremy Lin's Sanchez and Iso Joe Johnson and his big-ass contract now reside in Brooklyn. The Toronto Raptors gave Landry Fields an unnecessarily huge contract ($20 million over three years, really fam?) that even the Knicks wouldn't have done. Omer Asik got his Christmas gift early with the offer sheet the Houston Rockets gave him and apparently Roy Hibbert is a max player.

Obviously GMs have learned nothing from last year's lockout. It's like the NBA prints money—you know Stern's face would be all over the $100 bill. Check out who else made the list of The 25 Most Overpaid Current NBA Players.

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