Earlier this month, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Ronda Rousey volunteered for a job many Kim Kardashian-haters have fantasized about: giving her a good ass-whooping. In a recent red carpet interview, Rousey trashed Kim for parlaying a sex tape into fame and touting herself as a role model for young girls. However, it would not be much of a match if the two were to face off. Rousey tends to dispatch her MMA competition within seconds by pulling on their arms like an enraged Wookiee.

Although the fight wouldn't be pretty, that's not to say there is nothing pretty about MMA. Thanks to the popularity of the sport and the spirit of equal opportunity, women are getting down, dirty, and downright brutal with each other on the mat just like the guys do. And a lot of them are downright cute. Rousey has been wooing spectators for several years now, and there are more bruising beauties on the horizon.

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