Here Comes the Boom is in movie theaters today. The film tells the story of a teacher who must take up mixed martial arts (MMA) to save extra-curricular programs at his school. (Don't ask questions, just keep reading.) We're guessing the teacher, played by Kevin James, will get slapped around a lot, and kicked in the nuts at least once.

In fact, the Vegas-issued over-under on nut-kickings for this film is three.

And then Arianny Celeste will make her entrance, and you'll think, "Hey, I could go for that." She has a cameo in the movie, and in real life she is a ring girl for UFC.

Ring girls, in case you're not familiar with the concept, walk around the cage wearing bikinis and holding big cards telling you what round it is. It's our belief that ring girls are extremely important to MMA. Without ring girls would be a disaster. You ever see the Russian roulette scene in The Deer Hunter? That's what MMA without ring girls would look like. Let's avoid that.

And now, to wash away that horrible thought, let's ogle the 25 hottest ring girls ever. 

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