Last Thursday a FedEx by the name of Scott Teuscher driver came upon the scene of an accident between a car an a semi. Rather than just driving on he got out and asked the handful of people standing around about the situation; in his own words:

"I said 'did everybody get out?' And they said 'well here's the truck driver.' And I said 'OK, what about the car?' They said 'we don't know.' I said 'you don't know?!'"

He then ran over to the car, noticed that the driver was unconscious in the driver's seat, saw the fuel spilling all over her, and pulled her out moments before the car exploded. You know, just like what you assume only happens in the movies.

He then just got back in his truck and finished his route; Certified BAMF right here. If you meet him somewhere around Grass Valley, CA, buy the man a pint.

[via Jalopnik]