Roots For: White Sox
White Sox fans tend to thumb their noses at Cubs fans for "not knowing anything about baseball." But they're not much better, and at least Wrigley Field sells out once in awhile. "The Cell" has been a vast grassland of empty seats since 2007, and the handful of fans that actually do attend aren't doing Sox supporters any favors.

In 2010, a physician ushered his six-year-old son to a public restroom and walked in on two people having sex in a stadium stall. Public indecency and scarring youth is pretty much a take-me-out-to-the-ballgame experience on the South Side. Sox fans have embraced the Wrigley tradition of throwing home run balls back which, beyond being fucking stupid, borders on sacrilege. And winning or not, the stadium is energized most during the scoreboard staple "Connie's Pizza Race."