Date: 7/12/1979
Game: Regular Season Game vs. Detroit Tigers
Forfeiting a game on account of creating a riot atmosphere on the field, on its surface, may not seem like much of a shining moment. But Disco Demolition night is the most notorious promotional event in the history of sports—and that's pretty awesome.

When legendary Chicago disk jockey Steve Dahl was fired by WDAI (known for "Disco DAI") and hired by "The Loop" (an album rock station) he masterminded Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park, an event by which disco records would be placed in a crate and blown up on the field. The fan turnout was much larger than expected with almost 100,000 people showing up to the stadium, trying to climb the stadium walls to get in, and completely shutting down exit ramps on the Dan Ryan Expressway. Then Dahl walked onto the field in ARMY fatigues and blew up the crate to a stadium wide chant of "Disco sucks!"

The explosion blew a hole in the outfield and started a small fire which triggered a riot with thousands of drunken fans rushing the field. Uniquely Chicago, appropriately White Sox, and totally awesome.