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This summer, Kevin Love will try to win a spot on the 2012 Olympic basketball team. But, the way he sees it, his "tryout" for the team is really just a formality. After all, the Olympic teams always need a "token white guy" on the roster, right?

"It's interesting," he told Kimmel. "For me, I don't know if I have to [try out] because they always need at least one token white guy. I think that I have a pretty good shot of making it there. It's like the white guy in the gang. He's the one you really gotta watch out for."

Ha. Funny. Truth be told, Love is good enough to make the team on his own merits. But, we can't wait to hear what Mike Krzyzewski has to say about his theory. Is he already penciled in for a spot on the squad, Coach K?

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[via Larry Brown Sports]