OK, we know what you're thinking. Why did this guy just randomly go off on a tangent where he accuses Manny Pacquiao of once being on and now off of steroids? Here's your answer. The fighter being interviewed in the clip is Prenice Brewer, who was convinced that he defeated Ronald Cruz in their bout. However, when Brewer was told that Pac-Man's trainer and analyst for the NBC Sports broadcast Freddie Roach ruled in favor of Cruz by a lopsided margin, the news didn't sit well with the defeated boxer.

"Freddie, Pacquiao on steriods, I don't know what the hell you up here talking about," Brewer said. "I feel like I won, I outboxed the kid. It's a twelve round fight. I give him five [rounds]. That means I got seven. You've seen the fight. Freddie, Pacquiao on steroids and he off it now and he look like sh*t," Brewer continued. So, that's how you feel, huh? Well, you're not alone. Where's Floyd Mayweather? Oh yeah, that's right.      

[via BoxingScene.com]