People get attached to their cars. Even if it's a clunker, there is an undeniable connection that you have with the vehicle you drive. Most don't have the kind of relationship that Kevin Patrick has, though, and his car is definitely not a clunker. He hand-built his whip, an Exomotive MEV Exocet kit car based on a Mazda Miata drivetrain. So, when he watched an idiot driver in a Ford Expedition backing up into his freshly built beauty on its first drive, he had a mini freak out. The agony and pain in his slew of curse words is excruciating. Here's the video description: 

"First drive for the Exocet. Went approximately .3 miles from my house to the Chevron gas station while on the way the Exocet laser aligned. Ford Expedition backs into it literally in the first 10 minutes of it's life. Apologies for coarse language. I've never been able to capture true anguish in my voice until this video."

The pictures above are from his Flickr phtostream and (we assume) show the progress of his building process. 

[via Jalopnik]

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