Cam Newton wants to appear on the cover of Madden 13. Bad. How bad? Well, apparently bad enough to release this video that features last year's NFL Rookie of the Year going on and ooooooon for more than seven minutes about why he deserves it. He talks shit to Calvin Johnson—the guy he'll face off against in the finals of the fan vote for the Madden cover—he provides us with a tour of his gaming room, and he even gives out his XBOX 360 and PS3 gamer tags (theACEboog1e and CAMdaGREATx2, respectively) and asks fans to challenge him to a game so he can prove why he deserves to rep for Madden next season. Guess we were wrong. Because after watching this, we'll be shocked if Cam doesn't take home the cover. Well played.

[via Rant Sports]

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