Once again, EA Sports will be holding a bracket-style competition this spring to determine who will appear on the cover of Madden 13 this summer. Last year, the fans voted Peyton Hillis onto the cover (that turned out great, huh?) in somewhat of a surprise pick. But, this year, don't expect a sleeper to make his way onto front of the Madden game. The competition hasn't even started, but according to sportsbook site Bovada.lv, Tim Tebow is already a 5-to-1 favorite to win the whole thing. Other players worth looking at if you're interested in placing a wager? Cam Newton and Rob Gronkowski (13-2), Victor Cruz (12-1), and Aaron Rodgers (14-1).

But, c'mon: You know Tebow is gonna win this, right? Hell, Tebow might not even be on an NFL team soon if Peyton Manning has anything to say about it. And we'd bet that he'll still win this competition and end up on the Madden cover. Who wants the action?

[via Sporting News]

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