Since '80s, pro athletes have wanted to be rappers and rappers have wanted to be pro athletes. Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson and more have all released rap albums. Master P, a hip-hop mogul, chased his lifelong dream of being an NBA player and was actually on the Toronto Raptors and New Orleans Hornets pre-season rosters for the 1998-99 seasons.

In terms of spending money, the lifestyles are relatively the same: pop bottles in the club, do everything you can to get on MTV Cribs, and have the minimum requirement of 200 pairs of Jordans in your closet. The only problem is that the longevity of the average rapper is longer than that of the average athlete. A rapper may be old, washed up and no longer making albums but he can still go on tour and get money. Once a pro athlete is done, he's done.