Inside Scoop, @JonnyBones Jones has been training intensely for the title defense and we have no reason to believe he won't be ready. He's got size and reach advantage and the ability to get a knockout. The only time he's ever looked human was when he fought Machida at UFC 140 and in the first round got hit with some counter punches and low-kick and punch combinations. Surely he has trained to avoid a repeat situation with Evans, though.

Inside Scoop, @SugaRashadEvans Evans seems prepared for this bout as he looks like he's in some of the best shape of his career in his last few fights. He's undersized but he's the faster fighter and has better hands. However, against Jones it'll be hard to get those punches off so his best bet will be to get him to the ground. Evans is a takedown specialist but Jones is nearly impossible to get to the ground and has yet to have that happen in his career. Evans also suffers from a glass jaw, so if Bones is able to land some good punches on him at his age, he could go down.

Prediction: Taking everything into account, we gotta go with Jones. As we said before Evans best bet will be to get Jones to the ground, but like we also said, that's nearly impossible. Unless Evans is able to land a solid set of counter punches and link those with combos that actually hurt Jones, we can't see him winning. Jones said he would get his first highlight knockout against Evans and we can't say that we'd be surprised if that happens. All things considered, it looks like Bones will keep his belt.