Talk about bad and good timing all in the same moment for Dwight Howard. Let's get the bad stuff out the way first. After meeting spine surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins in Los Angeles, the doctor attempted to administer an epidural in an effort to alleviate the pain Howard was feeling from a herniated disk. After spending 10-14 days trying to fix the problem, things only got worse and Dr. Watkins decided that back surgery was the only other option.

According to Dwight Howard's agent, Dan Fegan, Orlando's All-Star center will undergo season-ending back surgery tomorrow morning to repair the much-speculated herniated disk injury that has effected Howard since early March. As a result, D12 will not only miss the rest of the regular season and playoffs, but he has also been ruled out of the 2012 Summer Olympics

Now, is it even worth giving the good news? Well, one day after reports started circulating that Howard refused to return to the Magic until coach Stan Van Gundy was fired, the Orlando center will now leave behind the drama that has been following him all season long. The Magic will probably get bounced out of the postseason in the first round and Dwight can just look on as the chips fall in his favor. Can we safely assume that Stan Van Gundy is just a dead man walking at this point?  

[via ESPN]

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