All For Show?

When: June and July 2010
Who's Ducking: Pacquiao

In possibly the biggest tease of the negotiations between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Bob Arum announced that the drug testing issue had been resolved and that the Floyd's signature was the only thing in the way of the super fight the world was anticipating. Top Rank promotions added to the hype by posting a "'Money'" Time: Mayweather's Decision" countdown clock on their website to emphasize the 14-day deadline set by Arum. The deadline passed and Pacquiao instead agreed to fight Antonio Margarito. After it seemingly became evident that Mayweather was the one holding negotiations up, one of Floyd's advisers, Leonard Ellerbe said the fight had never been agreed to and no serious negotiations with Top Rank had ever taken place at the time of Arum's announcement. Ellerbe's comments were later confirmed by HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg, who was acting as a mediator between both camps, after he revealed that no agreement had ever been reached.

Any questions regarding who was really lying were settled in July of the following year when Michael Koncz, Pacquiao's top adviser, admitted that Manny had never agreed to blood testing up until the night of the fight. Yup, more smoke and mirrors than your local crack house.