Did that open up a lot of eyes for people as far you doing cars?

Yeah I think so. I had two cars in there, so you know you’re not gonna compete against Revok and Risk and Ryan doing Graffiti. You might as well just forget that shit. I just had to go to what I know. I know cars, man, so I mixed my graffiti with my cars. I’m still a graffiti artist at heart, so I attack my car building in that frame of mind.

How long did it take you to do that ice cream truck?

The ice cream truck would take me a process that probably comes close to 13 years from the day I started it. It was missing for six years, too. So for six years, it was MIA and going from random shop to shop, completely unfinished in pieces. It’s amazing that it never got finished. It's already been in two museums and it started off as a joke, just clowning. We thought it’d be funny to have that mural on that ice cream truck going through the hood selling all types of products to people. I was halfway done when that movie Friday came out. I wanted to go catch Big Worm slipping on the street and hit the switch on him. 

Where is the truck now?

It’s in my studio. I have a whole installation.