Oh, Chad Ochocinco. It's been awhile since you've taken to your Twitter account and done something quite as silly as you did yesterday afternoon. Bill Belichick has had you locked up in that Patriots team facility for so long, we almost thought you'd lost your touch when it comes to making headlines for your tweets. But, alas, you really came through for us this time.

One of your fans sent you a tweet asking you a simple question: "What do you think of Kate Upton?" Now, there were a million and ones answers that you could have come up with. Like, "She's hot!" Or, "That Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is great!" Or maybe just, "Nice girl. Met her once." But, nooooooo. You're Ochocinco. So, you fired back with this:

Say word, son! So, you dated Kate Upton "a while back." As in, back when she was 16 or 17? She's only 19 now, so... Errr, this had the potential to get very awkward very quickly. Luckily, though, you're Ocho, so you did what you always do when you get caught up in some controversy. You found a way to play it off by coming up with this after someone called you out:

Ah, now there is the Ocho that we know and love. Good to see you making headlines again, stranger. Now stay away from our girl!

[via The Big Lead]

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