18. James Hunt

Sport (Years Played): F1 Racing (1973-1979)
Accolades: 1976 Formula One Champion, 10 Formula One Career wins

Anyone who followed Formula One racing during the 1970s will tell you that James Hunt was that dude. Not because he was the best on the track--though he definitely held his own--but because of his wild personality off of it. In addition to coke and booze, Hunt loved to blaze, saying “I like it, it relaxes me." Another thing the racer did to unwind was smash just about any hottie in his vicinity. In the weeks leading up to the race that won him the 1976 championship Hunt hooked up with 33 British Airways stewardesses. Yup, that's right. FOH with that "mile-high club" talk, shit isn't official till you're smashing stewardesses on the reg. Dozens of 'em.