The NFL got a lot more boring today. After a 13-year career, it seems that Randy Moss is hanging up his spikes at the relatively young age of 34 (making him an instant candidate for the next edition of this list). '90s babies might not remember, but dude hit the league as a bona fide phenomenon with the Vikings in '98, and went on to have an iconic career with Minnesota. After taking a couple years off playing two seasons with the Raiders, he landed in New England, where he teamed with Tom Brady to achieve a near perfect season. Badass? As badass as any other player in NFL history. Annoying? Yup, he was that, too. Like we said, dude was complex. Enjoy the time off sir—we'll see you in a couple years when it's time to team with another villain (Michael Vick anyone?) for a Super Bowl run. [via]