Treatment of Teammates

After losing a playoff game to the Pittsburgh in 2006 Peyton Manning was asked about the tenacious Steeler blitz, “I'm trying to be a good teammate here. Let's just say we had some problems with protection." Really? Putting your offensive line on blast is something you do when you're “trying to be a good teammate”? Four years later Manning was asked in an interview why the team didn't run more. “I'd call the run and we'd get one yard, be in second-and-9,” said Manning. “After awhile, you do that and it's hard to keep coming back to it.” Geez Peyton, what did Jeff Saturday and his All Pro ass ever do to you? While his comments aren't quite on Gisele Bundchen's level, they were enough to give fuel to Peyton's critics who say he's quick to pass the blame on his teammates.

Contrast that with Eli. Sure, he sounds like he's going to start talking about dinosaurs every time he opens his mouth, but he hasn't made a habit of putting his teammates on blast. Granted, that may be because Brandon Jacobs would smack the teeth out of his head if he ever looked at him sideways, but whatever your reason for shutting up, diplomacy is one of the signs of a true leader.

Advantage: Eli

Eli: 7 | Peyton: 6