Ah-ha! We think we just discovered Tim Tebow's weakness. If you want to ask him really personal questions and get truthful answers that don't involve any fancy PR talk, just get a bunch of kids to ask him questions. The guy simply can't say no to a question from a kid—no matter how scandalous it may or may not be.

Case in point: He took Tebowmania to the Challenger Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles on Monday. And during a Q&A session with about 100 kids, one of them stood up and asked the question that we've all secretly been dying to ask: Do Tebow and Katy Perry have "a thing" going on? And, put on the spot by the kid, Tebow was basically forced to answer.

"No," he said, "me and Katy Perry don't have a thing, but she's a very good artist...I'm single, but I'm doing just fine."

Awwww....We wanted the kid to get the scoop. At any rate, any chance he (or she) wants a job? We figure Tebow can't possibly be the only celeb who'd be willing to answer anything if it was a kid asking the question. Hmmm...We think we might be on to something here.

[via Off The Bench]

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