If you missed last night's Clippers/Lakers game, you missed the birth of a true rivalry. Although this isn't the first time these two teams have played this season, last night's contest featured all of the shit talking and chippy play that you'd expect from a rivalry game. And that extended right up through the final buzzer.

With just a second left on the clock—and the Lake Show up comfortably by four—Blake Griffin fouled Pau Gasol to send him to the line. And on the walk up the court, Chris Paul got involved in some heavy-duty trash talking with Gasol and Kobe Bryant. At one point, a noticeably-irritated CP3 told Kobe that Gasol was "soft" and then he repeated that sentiment again when Gasol turned around and looked at him. Gasol's response? He rubbed CP3 on the back of the head—which resulted in CP3 looking like he wanted to snap Gasol's arm off.

Intense! And yet another reason why we're glad the Clippers are relevant again.

[via The Big Lead]

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