Sports Figure(s) Referenced: Blake Griffin
Lyric: "Love is a trip, but fuckin' is a sport/Are there Asian girls here? Minority Report/Put your team on the map, Blake Griffin on the court/Niggas bitin' on my tracks, need a knife and a fork"
It's been quite a year for Donald Glover. The actor has seen his rap career take off to new heights with the release of Camp and he still has a loyal following who tune into see him on Community and Weirdo. But it's not only the music, acting, and comedy world that D. Glover has been invading—it's the sports world, too. There's been a few references on ESPN and this particular line was spit by Tim Cowlishaw on Around The Horn. So, he raps, acts, does stand-up comedy, and gets shout-outs on ESPN. In 2012 we're expecting dude to work his way into the Mets batting order. Trust us, with their history, it's very possible.