The Cubs haven't won a World Series in over 100 years, the Indians haven't hoisted the trophy in more than 60 seasons. The Mets have a relatively healthy two titles in their 49 years, but it's still a franchise that has had a first-hand relationship with failure. They started out as lovable losers in the sixties, became the team everyone else loved to hate in the eighties, and are now the team even their staunchest fans love to laugh at.

With the Mets set to start their 50th season tonight in Miami, we take a look back at the franchise's 50 Biggest Fails, from Midnight Massacres to middle of the night massacres, from bad signings and bad trades to really, really bad signings and really, really bad trades. A quick disclaimer: no Yankees, Phillies, Braves, or even Montgomery Biscuits fans were consulted in the making of this list, this one was kept strictly in the Flushing family. And, we have to say, it was a little cathartic, and we exorcised some demons. Now if we could only exorcise Luis Castillo's contract. And Oliver Perez's contract. And Bobby Bonilla's contract...

By Russ Bengtson, Andrew Cavagnaro, Jack Erwin, and Jose Martinez

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