Tony Allen is going to have a pretty shitty Christmas this year. Reason being: Despite the fact that the NBA lockout is over and players will finally be getting back to work on December 25, someone out there just stole alllllll of his X-mas gifts!

His mother was driving a rent-a-car in Memphis earlier this week filled with $20,000 worth of sweaters, shoes, and shirts that she was planning on giving the baller on Christmas morning. However, when she returned the car to an Enterprise in M-Town, she forgot to grab the goods—how, Mama Allen, how?!—and left them in the car. And by the time she realized it and called Enterprise to report that she'd left her valuables in the car, the rental car company had already rummaged through her shit checked and found nothing in the vehicle.

Tony's response? "I hate thieves," he wrote on Twitter. Us, too, man. Us, too. We're pretty sure you'll feel better once you get your first paycheck of the season, though.

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[via SLAM]

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