If you thought Jets coach Rex Ryan would be humbled by the 45-19 butt-whoopin' his team took at the hands of the Eagles on Sunday, you thought wrong. Very, very wrong. During a conference call with reporters yesterday, Rexy took some very pointed shots at the Giants, who will square off against the Jets on Saturday afternoon with both teams needing a win to stay alive in their respective playoff races.

"Quite honestly," Ryan said while talking about his first two years at the helm of the Jets franchise, "I never came here to be little brother to anybody. So, it's on...Certainly, we were the better team the first two years. We made the playoffs and went to the championship game. To say a team's better than you that never made the playoffs, just is ridiculous. Clearly, we were the better team my first two years. And we get to prove it on Saturday who the best team is this year."

All we know is that with that kind of tough talk, Ryan better have the Jets ready to play ball on Saturday. 'Cause, if they lose? The New York sports media is gonna have a field day.

[via Star-Ledger]

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