When it comes to cars, there are a number of ways to measure "fast." There's off the line—0 to 60, 0 to 100. There are lap times—around Nurburgring for example. Then there's flat-out, when your fingers go numb and it's hard to breathe. That's what we choose to call fast.

But anyone can slap a jet engine on a Formula 1 body and hit 250mph without blinking an eye. We wanted to know about the world's fastest production cars. Rides that anyone with enough money could buy. Without a single regulating body overseeing the auto industry, definitive top speeds are difficult to nail down. To compile this list of the World's 25 Fastest Production Cars, then, we pulled data from several reputable sources.

Thinking about buying one? Keep in mind that prices fluctuate wildly as the Euro rises and falls in value against the dollar. If you're seriously thinking about one of these monsters, a few thousand bucks here and there won't matter much.