NBA players are doing everything they can to stay in shape during the lockout. Some are going overseas to play. Others are staying home and playing in a ton of exhibition games. And the rest are presumably working out on their own, just in case the league gets its' shit together in time to salvage a 2011-12 NBA season. Oklahoma City Thunder center Byron Mullens is doing none of these things. But that doesn't mean he won't be ready for the season to start.

Instead of any of the aforementioned options, Mullens had made a habit out of spending a lot of time this offseason at the Ross Correctional Facility in Ohio. But it's not because he's gotten himself into any trouble. Instead, he's been playing with the prison inmates there in order to try and improve his game.

"I could be anywhere else," he says, "but I'll be in here playing. Basketball is basketball."

Unconventional thinking? Sure. But this just might work. Now, how do we get a couple of the NBA's other softies day passes for Ross so they can work on getting a little bit tougher on the court, too?

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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