When Dwight Howard thinks about the Orlando Magic from the '90s, he doesn't think about that other big man who used to patrol the post in O-Town. He thinks of Penny Hardaway. In fact, he says, the whole reason he knew about the Magic growing up was because of Penny (Hmmm...really?) and all of the great memories he made as a four-time All-Star for the team. He thinks so highly of him that he told a group of reporters gathered at his charity basketball game over the weekend that he feels that the team should retire his No. 1 jersey ASAP.

"I think when the season starts—whenever that may be—he should have his jersey put up for what he did not just for the team but for the city," Howard said. "We all know how great Penny has been for the game of basketball."

We can't say we necessarily disagree. Off his contribution to the sneaker game alone, Penny deserves some type of recognition, right? So, do the right thing, Orlando. Maybe it'll get Dwight to hang around for a few more years.

[via Boxden]

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