Here's what we call adding insult to injury. Late in the third quarter of yesterday's Eagles/Redskins game, Michael Vick took off running on a third-and-10 play and scampered down the sidelines for a 31-yard run. But it's what he did at the end of it that's got him in the headlines today.

Rather than just run out of bounds and then head back to the huddle, Vick ran out of bounds and came across a football set up on a kicking tee on the Redskins sidelines. He headed directly towards it, kicked the ball, and then looked on in horror as the ball sailed straight into the face of a 'Skins cheerleader.

No word on if she was okay or not—she had to break her nose, right?—but Vick did take time out of his post-game press conference to apologize for his errant kick.

"I apologize to the cheerleaders," he said. "That was a very bad gesture and can't let my emotions get the best of me, so sorry to the Redskins cheerleaders. I didn't mean to offend anybody."

Forget offending anybody, dude. What about that poor girl's face?! [via Shutdown Corner]