The Philadelphia Eagles are in a heap of trouble. They're 1-3 so far this season, their defense looks terrible, they can't tackle anybody, they've been shut out in the fourth quarter of all three of their losses and, well, things just aren't looking good for the self-proclaimed "Dream Team" right now. It's apparently gotten so bad that former Pennsylvia governor Ed Rendell recently compared the Eagles lack of leadership to—sigh—Flight 93 that crash-landed in a field in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001 thanks to the efforts of several brave passengers on the plane.

"Somebody's got to get angry," Rendell said on an Eagles postgame show on Sunday night. "Somebody's got to make a big hit. And then turn to everybody else and say, "Come on!" When you're taking a hill, someone looks back and says, "Let's go." On Flight 93, that guy said—it will live in immortality—"Let's roll." Somebody's got to say that and it looks like there's just no fire out there from the fans' standpoint."

True, the Eagles need better leadership right now. But, are they really anything like Flight 93? Uh, no. In the future, leave that comparison alone, Guv. We promise it's not that serious. [via Crossing Broad]

Rendell Flight 93 by crossingbroad