25. South Philly Experience

Cuisine: American
Frequented Locations: San Fernando Valley, South Bay, West L.A., Santa Monica
Website: southphillyexperience.com
Truck Model: 1989 Chevy
Average Meal: $10-13
Twitter: @southphillyexp

Cousins Jonathan Salvatore and Scott Springfield, technically from South Jersey, spent their formative years sampling South Philly fare. Their truck's a tribute to the meaty, messy, mega-size sandwiches ($8-9) found in the area. In addition to the traditional cheesesteak, South Philly Experience also serves an Italian Steak (provolone and broccoli rabe), a Buffalo Steak (buffalo sauce and bleu cheese), and a Pizza Steak (provolone and marinara sauce). Each sandwich comes with a ton of thinly sliced meat on thick bread shipped straight from the famous Amoroso's Baking Co., in Philadelphia. If red meat's not your thing, every sandwich can also be ordered with chicken. Salvatore and Springfield encourage customers to use the real Philly lingo to order up a cheesesteak “wit” or “witout” (that refers to the grilled onions), and to request provolone, American, or “wiz,” as in Cheese Wiz, the traditional cheese of choice. Even if you're skeptical, give the wiz a try. Not only does it make the sandwich authentic and Rocky-approved, the canned cheese really brings all the flavors together. If you're hankering for a side, try the super-soft and juicy boneless buffalo wings that they call “tails” (5 for $5.47). Any East Coast transplant will want to save room for dessert: a variety of rare-in-Cali Tastykakes.

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