9. Ludo Truck

Cuisine: New American/French
Frequented Locations: Santa Monica, Downtown, Burbank
Website: ludolefebvre.com/ludotruck
Truck Model: 2009 Workhorse
Average Meal: $8-12
Twitter: @LudoTruck

Award-winning chef Ludo Lefebvre, the infamous star of "Ludo Bites America," serves finger-licking fried chicken with a French twist. The unbelievably juicy “Crispy Chicken Sandwich” ($7.50) uses homemade ingredients (lavender-honey biscuit, Béarnaise mayo and chopped slaw) to create a serious explosion of flavor. The menu also includes three chicken styles—“Provencal Pepitte” chicken balls, “Honey-Garlic Glazed Wings” and “Crunchy Buttermilk Strips”—that can be ordered with your choice of sauce and a side of slaw. If you ask nicely, they'll let you mix and match on the three-piece combo with slaw ($8.50). Go for two herb-infused balls and one messy but scrumptious wing.