16. Shrimp Pimp

Cuisine: Seafood
Frequented Locations: Santa Monica, Marina Del Ray, South Bay, San Fernando Valley
Website: shrimppimptruck.com
Truck Model: 2007 Workhorse
Average Meal: $7-9
Twitter: @shrimppimptruck

Shrimp Pimp's founder, Neil Macleod, is a former New York City restaurateur who knows his seafood. Using fresh ingredients, including sustainable, farm-raised shrimp, Macleod serves up some seriously succulent dishes, including Sashimi Tuna Tacos (3 for $7), Shrimp and Chips ($8) and Po Boys ($7). Juicy, crunchy, sweet and spicy, Drunken Shrimp Tacos (2 for $5) are a customer fave and must-have menu item. The Frylander Fish & Chips ($8), the only non-shrimp entrée the pimp offers, features a big slab of tender, buttery, beer-battered Haddock that'll make you nostalgic for the UK, even if you've never been there.