20. Coolhaus

Cuisine: Dessert
Frequented Locations: Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, West Hollywood
Website: eatcoolhaus.com
Truck Model: 1984 AMG. 1997 Chevy Stepvan. 1984 Grumman. 2001 Chevy Stepvan.
Average Meal: $5-6
Twitter: @COOLHAUS

Started by architect Natasha Case and real estate developer Freya Estreller, Coolhaus is a nod to the past tradition of the Good Humor man with a very modern twist. Serving ice cream sandwiches ($5) made with all-natural, handmade, and hormone-free ingredients, Case and Estreller are creative and clever. For the adventurous folk, they offer unique concoctions, like Brown Butter and Candied Bacon ice cream between chocolate chip cookies, or Olive Oil Rosemary ice cream between brioche cookies. Equally delicious, but less exciting flavor combos are available. We recommend the strawberry ice cream with Snickerdoodle cookies for a traditional taste. Or mix and match ice cream and cookie options to invent a sandwich on your own—messing up is hard when everything's this tasty. No need to trash the wrapper. It's made from potato, and it's totally edible. With three trucks and a storefront in L.A., a truck in Austin, and two trucks in New York, they've officially blown up.

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