Cost of Living & Finance

Price for a Gallon of Gas: $1.11. Today gas is at $3.72 per gallon. Yeah, you might want to peep this list. #thankuslater
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 3834. Today the Dow Jones average hovers just about 11,000. Moving on up! But so is something else...
National Debt: $4,800,149,946,143. When looking at today's national debt total of $14,722,899,715,691, it may look real bad but look on the bright could be worse. Like, 2028 bad.
Price of the Illest Kicks: A lot of dope sneakers dropped in '94, but the CB34 Air Max 2's were no doubt the best. During MJ's departure from the NBA, the CB34s actually became Nike's most popular sneaker. They retailed for $150 back then but you can get 'em used on eBay for $115 if you're still fiendin' today.
Price of Apple Stock: $39 a share. With the iPod and iMac releases changing the tech game, today Apple's stock sits at $384 a share. Yeah, maybe we should've used some of that shoe money more wisely.