Jon "Bones" Jones vs Rampage Jackson

Pre-Fight Hype: Rampage has been trying to get in Jones' head with chatter that Jones planted a mole in his camp. When the topic came up in an interview last Saturday, Jones was annoyed. There's mega hype on Jones. The pressure to deliver a great performance in his first title defense is tremendous.

Inside Scoop, Jones: If B.J. Penn wasn't already nicknamed the Prodigy, that moniker would be perfect for Jones. He's the youngest UFC champ ever. His one loss is from a bogus DQ. His wrestling is from Paris and his striking is from Blade 2... if Blade 2 were made in 2051. No opponent has been able to touch him.

Inside Scoop, Jackson: Rampage cocks the hammer. His ability to knock you out with one punch means he's always dangerous. But Rampage hasn't checked a leg kick since the last time Rep. Joe Walsh paid child support—yeah, it's been that long—and that's made his entire attack less effective.

Prediction: Jones. It's hard to imagine Rampage getting in a position to deliver a devastating blow. Jones studied Jackson's suspect performances against Griffin and Evans, and gives Rampage a super-sized combo meal of leg kicks and takedowns.

Going out on a limb here... Jones chokes out Jackson on the ground. Rampage doesn't tap. The kid is legit.