Good luck winning a 'chip with Al Davis at the helm! That's the message legendary sportscaster Al Michaels had for Raiders fans recently when a TMZ cameraman caught up to him outside of a restaurant in Hollywood. 

"Are we (the Raiders) ever going to win a Super Bowl while Al Davis is still alive?" the cameraman asked Michaels.

"No," Michaels replied.

"Never?" the cameraman asked.

"How much longer do you think Al Davis is going to live?" Michaels responded.

"He'll outlive us all!" the cameraman said.

"Well, he may do that," Michaels said, "but you ain't gonna win a Super Bowl."

Not even with a legendary NFL owner—a football genius—running the show!?

"Let me ask you a question," Michaels said, before throwing Davis under the bus one more time. "If you had a team that lost 11 or more games seven consecutive seasons, would you say a genius ran the team?"

If that doesn't kill Mr. Davis, we don't know what will. [via FOX Sports]