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In case you missed it, we debuted our new Week 1 "Start Or Sit?" fantasy football column yesterday. And in that column, we advised you to start Falcons wide receiver Roddy White, easily one of the most dynamic players in the league, against the Bears yesterday. However, White made us look like complete fools when he—and the Falcons, for that matter—came out flat and got shelled by Jay Cutler & Co. He did have eight catches in the game, but he only managed 61 yards and no touchdowns. We apologize for it. And so does White, who showed that gets the fantasy craze by apologizing to those FF players who drafted him this season.

"Sorry fantasy owners tht [sic] drafted me," White wrote on his Twitter page last night, "got to make it up to u this Sunday."

Way to step up and take the blame, buddy. But, don't you play the Dream Team Eagles on Sunday? Uh, yeah, we're pretty sure we know where you're gonna land on our Week 2 "Start Or Sit?" breakdown. Just sayin'. [via Larry Brown Sports]