During a blowout against the Raiders back in 2009, Mark Sanchez got hungry sitting on the sideline. So he did what anyone at a football game does when they get hungry—he ordered a hot dog! Of course, that hot dog soon found itself splattered across the pages of the New York Post and New York Daily News with the then-rookie quarterback having to explain his football faux pas over and over (and over!) again for at least a week after the incident. And now that Sanchez is returning to Oakland for another game against the Raiders, he's being asked about it yet again. Only this time, he's got a much better sense of humor about the whole thing.

"I'll keep the food off the field," he joked yesterday. "It's just a good reminder of what playing quarterback in this league is like. I actually met the cameraman, he ended up saying sorry. He was like, 'I feel bad, that turned into a big deal for you, huh?' And I was like, 'You have no idea.' You laugh about it now and I knew we would at some point. It's wasn't very respectful to the game or the guys playing and that's not the way I wanted it to be."

Once and for all, Mark: Apology accepted! It was just a hot dog. We would, however, appreciate another apology for this. Thanks in advance. [via The Star-Ledger]